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Vazen full frame anamorphic 1.8x  85mm  T2.8

The Vazen 85mm T2.8 1.8X Anamorphic is the first Full frame anamorphic lens by Vazen.

Later down the road they will add a 55mm and 105mm (end of 2020)

The Vazen 85mm is compact in design, 17.5 long and 1.49kg in weight. It covers the open gate of the Alexa LF without any vignetting. The vazen 85mm has an squeeze factor of 1.8X rendering exactly a 2.39 frame on a 1.33 aspect sensor like the Alexa LF. In that regard its a very special lens, because the offerings in the full frame market for anamorphic coverage are extremely limited and often very expensive. The lens has a very high aperture count for extremely flattering butterly smooth bokeh featuring a T2.8 as widest aperture and remains still reasonable sharp wide open while the contenders only sharpen up around 4.0-5.6.The vazen has an Apo design rendering images with barely any Chromatic Aberration issues. Asides from it's FF coverage it's extremely light and small. The Vazen 85mm is constructed of aluminium, with both aperture and focus rings featuring a 0.8 mod cine gear. The lens comes either in Pl or Ef and is user replacable, and the lens is supplied with shims. We ship the lens by default with Pl so please specify if you need it in EF. . It features an industry standard 95mm fron thread, for clamp on mattexboxes. We will soon dedicate a full page on our website to this lens, with a knowledge base and test footage, so stay tuned. 


Vazen 85mm anamorphic 1.8X Full frame T2.8


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