The Intellytech LC-120 is a 3 panel 120 Watt Led Mat measuring 30cm by 90cm that folds down to a 30cm by cm square. This unique design allows you to create broad, bright, natural looking light that can be setup fast and travel small.


The Mat is lightweight and super flexible, so you can easily tape it  to a ceiling or a wall, when you’re shooting in a tight space. The Intellytech LC-120 comes with a foldable bracket that attaches via super strong velcro to the back of the mat.


The external controller lets you control the brightness and color temperature (3000 to 10.000 Calvin) and is powered by v-lock battery or ac-power with the included adapter.


The soft box plus grid that comes with it let’s you defuse to your liking.

LiteCloth LC-120

    •  Intellytech LC-120
    •  Softbox w/ Diffuser & Grid
    •  Mounting bracket
    •  Controller (Ballast) w/ attached battery plate (v-lock)
    •  AC power adapter
    •  Carrying case 

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