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Kinefinity Kinemon 7U

The Kinefity Kinemon is the succesor of the 7H (high nits). The 7 U (ultra) features twice the amount of nits which makes it viewable in the most challening situations like summery direct sunlight. The Nits is increased all the way up to 2000, giving it the same brightness as the Kinemon 5U. Kinefinity succeeded keeing the  power draw low. The concept is the same as the other monitors including the EVF. The monitor is connected through one very sturdy LEMO cable, feeding both data and power, and reducing the latency to  visual losless experience. On top of the higher nits of this new monitor Kinefinity added a record button. 

Kinefinity Kinemon 7-U

    1.  Monitor: €799 ex.VAT 
    2. Complete Pack: 949€ ex.VAT  including monitor, cable, sunhood and noga arm

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