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Intellytech light cannon X-100

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The versatile Light Cannon X-100 Fresnel with V-Mount Battery Plate from Intellytech is a focusable, bi-color LED (COB) light head, combined with an external control box which acts as a multi-voltage AC power supply, and V-Mount battery mount in one. The x-100 has a vast color range from warm 2,800k to a cool 6,500k and anywhere in-between. Additionally the spread can be controlled via the retractable lens from a tight spotty 15 degrees to a wide and soft 70 degrees. It does this weighing in at just slightly above 2kg.


Intellytech Light Cannon X-100

Choose your Package
    • Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 Fresnel with V-Mount Battery Plate, 100W
    • Controller Module with Battery Plate and AC Adapter
    • AC Power Cable
    • Bowens-Style Reflector
    • Wireless Antenna
    • Strap
    • Carrying Case
  • 1 Light Kit Includes:

    • X-100 Bowens Mount LED Light
    • Reflector
    • Controller W/ V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate + Built-In AC Adapter, Strap, Wireless Antenna, Power Cable
    • Case (which fits everything listed above).


    2 Light Kit Includes:

    • 2x X-100 LED Light Fixtures W/ Attached Lens & Bowens S-Mount
    • 2x Control Box W/ Built-In AC Adapter, V-Mount Gold Mount Battery Plate / Wireless Antenna / Hanging Strap / Power Cable
    • X-WR Wireless Remote 
    • 2x Reflector
    • 2x Barn-Door Sets
    • Rolling Carrying Case

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