Kinefinity MAVO S35 6k Cinema Camera

The MAVO S35 features a high-speed & low noise 6K CMOS image sensor, with a S35 image format (crop factor of 1.5 over FF). S35 MAVO employs an S35 CMOS image sensor, 3:2 aspect ratio, 24x16mm, resolution up to 6016×4016. Anamorphic lenses also work with MAVO’s 6:5 or 4:3 modes perfectly. At the S35m format, you can shoot 6K up to 50fps; for 6K Wide up to 66fps. In crop mode, 4K Wide is up to 100fps in 2k up to 192fps!

The MAVO S35 sensor size can be virtually enlarged by the use of Kinefinity’s own speedbooster to a crop factor of 1.0 (FF).

The MAVO s35mm has around 14+ stops of latitude, pleasing skin tones and shadow details are reserved perfectly. The OLPF is designed to retain a maximum amount of sharpness but at the same time  get rid of any Moire or aliasing.

The Mavo camera body weighs only 920g, and its size and weight is only a fraction of the other so-called ‘MINI cameras’ in the cinema market.

The MAVO is a modular camera and can be fully rigged up as a full feature cinema camera or shrunken down for light weight gimbal work. Due to the same form factor and connections All the TERRA Accessories will work with the MAVO camera line.

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Kinefinity Mavo s35 side 2

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