Kinefinity MAVO LF

MAVO LF is using advanced color processing architecture and a whole new CMOS image sensors to achieve super low-noise, high dynamic range. Whether it is the S35 format version of MAVO or the large-format version of MAVO LF, the 6K cameras can bring stunning details and organic images. MAVO LF with his large-format sensor provides cleaner images, wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more immersive presence for cinematographers.

The MAVO LF features a dual native iso (800 & 5100 iso) full-frame CMOS image sensor, with a physical  size of 36x24mm, resolution is over 6K: 6016×4016. Compared to the S35 format sensor, the CMOS sensor is 2.25 times larger, the exposure area is bigger, the single pixel pitch is larger, the SNR is better, thus  the picture is cleaner. You can use cinema lenses designed for large format like MAVO Prime, CP3, Cooke S7i, Arri Signature Prime, but also a large number of existing full-frame still camera lenses. THE MAVO image sensor has an 3:2 aspect ratio. Anamorphic lenses will work perfectly together  with MAVO’s 6:5 or 4:3 modes. You can shoot 6K up to 75fps. In crop mode, 4K Wide is up to 150fps in 2k up to 290fps!

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