Intellytech Light Cannon X-100

A Cut Above The Competition - While other chip-on-board (COB) lights from competitors are fixed to one color temperature and one beam angle, the X-100 is both bi-color and focusable without needing to add additional modifiers. The X-100 has a vast color range from a warm 2,800k to a cool 6,500k and anywhere in-between. Dim the light from 0-100%, flicker-free.











Additionally, the spread can be controlled via the retractable lens from a tight and spotty 15 degrees to a wide and soft 70 degrees.  It does this weighing in at just 5 pounds. 

Bowens Mount Built Into The Lens - The Beauty behind the X-100's design is that the Bowens mount is attached to a lens rather than to a bare LED. This allows users greater creative control of the lights spread while attaching modifiers like softboxes, snoots, reflectors, gobos, and more. The X-100 uses a standard size Bowens mount allowing for a nearly endless option of available modifiers. 

Combined AC & Controller + Power Via V-Mount or Gold Mout Batteires - The X-100 has a controller with a built-in AC Adapter, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. When not plugging in, power via a standard 14.8V battery (choose V-Mount or Gold Mount).  Plug-in the X-100 worldwide, it runs 110-240V , 50/60H.

9 Built-In Effects: 

  • Lightning 1

  • Lightning 2

  • TV Screen

  • Candle

  • Paparazzi

  • Strobe

  • High / Low Beam

  • Double Flash (Hazard)

  • Warm Breathing

Connect to DMX - Using the RJ45 connectors on the Control Box, the X-100 can be controlled using a DMX512 board allowing creatives to use the X-100 in studio or in the field. 

Optional Wireless Remote - With the optional X-WR, users can control all aspects of the X-100 including output, color selection, and effects. 

Robust Build-Quality Yet Lightweight & Compact - Made from high-strength, aircraft grade aluminum, the X-100 is built to last the rigors of set life and travel.  Additionally, the X-100 light measures in at a portable 9" x 5" x 4.75" and weighs just 5 pounds. On top of that, the X-100's yoke is over-engineered with a handbrake locking mechanism meaning it will never slip, even with large softboxes attached.

Whisper Quiet Fan + Heat Sink - The X-100 uses a super quiet 12v fan. It's about as loud as a person breathing...meaning it will never get picked up in your audio. 

Includes: - X-100 Bowens Mount LED Light, Reflector, Controller W/ V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate + Built-In AC Adapter, Strap, Wireless Antenna, Power Cable, Case 

Impressive Output & CRI / TLCI Scores - The X-100 consumes just 100W yet it's nearly as bright as a 1k tungsten. Additionally, it has the CRI and TLCI scores to back it up.

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