Intellytech Light Cannon Pro Bi-color II














Overview: The Light Cannon Pro Bi Color II is now nearly 2 times brighter than the previous generation while also expanding its flooding capability by a third. 

Consuming under 350W, the Light Cannon Pro Bi-Color II produces a 97+ CRI/TLCI via a COB LED. Using a 7" glass lens, the Pro Bi Color creates an attractive, highly controllable light that can be shaped with precision. The entire fixture can be controlled via the included wireless remote & the frame is made from a high strength die cast, aluminum that will last for years to come. 


How Bright is it?:

  • Equivalent to an 800W HMI W/ a frosted fresnel lens added (an important distinction to make)

  • 2 times brighter than the older F-485 that this is replacing

  • Brighter than a 2K


  • CRI / TLCI: 97+

  • Power Consumption: 350W

  • Built in DMX

  • Includes Wireless Remote

  • Electronic Focus System (change spot to flood with included remote)

  • Die Cast, Aluminum Frame - Incredibly well built and robust frame. 

  • 7" Glass Fresnel Lens

  • Can use Speed Ring such as (but not limited to) Chimera 9180


**The measurements below are taken at 5,600k. There is less than a 5% output change from 3,000k - 5,600k.

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